Custom Cursor & Scrollbar!

Recommended file types for your custom design upload are .PNG or .SVG.

Recommended uploaded image size is 64 x 64. The maximum image size is 128 x 128.

The hotspot is the exact pixel of your cursor image where the mouse click should be registered.

You can use the hotspot selection grid to decide on the exact location of your hotspot. For the best user experience, please make sure that the hotspot for both your regular cursor and your hover cursor are the same coordinates.

1. Go to the ‘Upload’ tab inside the Customize Cursor & Scrollbar! app
2. Press the upload-button or drag your design from your computer into the upload section (make sure your image has the recommended specs listed in the ‘Upload Cursor’ section of the app)
3. You may now select your uploaded cursor design from your active or hover cursor library

No, you need our app to ensure your customers can keep enjoying your custom cursor and scrollbar and to give them the complete brand experience they deserve.

Customize Cursor & Scrollbar! DOES work on all popular browsers that support retina HD cursors such as Chrome and Safari. Unfortunately it DOES NOT work on Mozilla and Microsoft browsers since retina HD cursors are not supported.

Absolutely! Customize Cursor & Scrollbar! seamlessly integrates with any Shopify theme.

Hell yeah they will! Just pick one of the beautiful cursors from one of the cursor packs in our library and instantly become more loved by your customers.

Try any of the sources listed below:

Yes! We add new cursor designs with every update so you can keep surprising your customers with fresh cursors that match your brand or the time of year.

Go to Appicware.com or email us at help@appicware.com.